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Mahlapress Philips HR1832 Viva Collection, PP Plastic, SAN, ABS synthetics, must, 0.8

Mahlapress Philips HR1832 Viva Collection...

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79.70 €

Tootja: Philips
Tootekood: HR1832/00
  • 8710103642756
Garantiiaeg: 12 kuud

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Philips HR1832, Viva Collection. Material jug: PP Plastic, Material lid and pulp container: SAN, Housing material: ABS synthetics. Colour of product: Black. Cord length: 0.8

Compact design With only half the size*, this juicer takes limited space. You can leave it on your kitchen counter top or store it easily. Direct serve This juicer allows you to use your own glass (Max 12cm height). Place it directly under the integrated tap and you are ready to juice. Make up to 1.5L in one go Thanks to the innovative QuickClean extraction system, you can make up to 1.5L of juice in one go without needing to empty the pulp container. QuickClean technology A lot of pulp fibers usually get stucked in the sieve which makes it very difficult to clean. Thanks to the electropolished process, all surfaces of the sieve are smooth. This helps you swip away the fibers with a standard kitchen tool (sponge or brush). All pulp in one place All the pulp is collected in the only place where it should be : the pulp container. Due to its round design and smooth surfaces, it is easy to reach and remove. It also means there is no need anymore to remove pulp from other parts such as the lid. Easy assembly The different parts of the juicer have been designed to allow an intuitive assembling and handling. This drastically facilitates the whole cleaning process. Smooth surfaces and easy clean Smooth surfaces and easy clean materials Drip stop spout When activated, the drip stop will prevent the juicer from dripping. The drip stop spout is very easy to clean as it is detachable and it is made of dishwasher safe materials. With one simple move, you prevent the juice from dripping and keep your counter top clean.
Eripärad Cord storage, dishwasher safe removable parts, drip stop, direct serve spout, QuickClean technology
Värvus BlackBlack
Mahtuvus 1.5 litres1.5 litres
Toimetatakse kohale koos Juice jug (0.5l)
Toode tüüp Juice extractorJuice extractor
Laius 23 cm
Pikkus 23 cm
Kõrgus 42 cm
Juhtme pikkus 0.8 m
Pinge 220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz
Tselluloosi Kohvipaksusahtli maht 1 litre
Product Description Philips Viva Collection HR1832 - juice extractor - black
EAN 8710103642756
Dimensions (WxDxH) 23 cm x 23 cm x 42 cm
Max võimsus 400 W400 W
Turvaelemendid Safety clamps
Välised funktsioonid Non-slip feet, transparent lid
Keha materjali Plastic, ABS plastic, styrene acrylonitrile (SAN)
Esituskiiruse sätted 1 presets1 presets

Mahlapress Philips HR1832 Viva Collection, PP Plastic, SAN, ABS synthetics, must, 0.8


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